1. Which breed is suitable for your sign?

1. Which breed is suitable for your sign?

Aries (21.3 – 20. 4)
Energy and sports Aries, who still have the power to give, need a dog to keep up with them. The closest choice is probably Border Collie. As excited and stubborn as Aries. This two will understand each other and manage to discharge and recharge energy together.

Taurus (21. 4. – 21. 5.)
Taurus can appreciate beauty and grace, but they can stubbornly defend what is theirs. That’s why they fit the dog breed boxer, who can furiously and stubbornly protect what they really care about. They are loyal and infinitely loyal, and at the same time gentle, playful and nursing when it comes to children.

Gemini (22. 5. – 21. 6.)
Labradors are suitable for friendly and lively Gemini who love people and like to make new contacts. They are dogs who like people and do not spoil any fun. Walking will be a lighter way for Gemini to establish a chain of new acquaintances. But do not be fooled, Gemini are social, but also have a second personality, who understands only this breed.

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