10 People Who Proved That They Dated Celebrities

10 People Who Proved That They Dated Celebrities


Each of us would like to know or even better date a famous celebrity from a TV show, instagram or other social networks. It gives us a sense of pride in knowing someone who has become famous. These 10 people really succeeded. All of them dated famous celebrities and have unforgettable memories. They did it in their old photos, which you can view. It doesn’t happen so often that you could say, “I watched my ex walked up the stage for his Oscar trophy.” These people must have said it to themselves …

  1. Just Found These Pics of Leo with My Family… He Dated My Aunt

2. My Mom Dated Matt Le Blanc and Finally Found a Picture to Prove it.


3. Mom and Adam Sandler on Prom Night.


4. My Mom and John Travolta Were Childhood Friends.


5. My Aunt used to date Ashton when he was young. Look at this picture! That baby is my brother…


6. Matthew McConaughey dated cousin.


7. My sister used to date Usher back in high school.


8. I used to date Ariana Grande and did a theater together.


9. My Auntie used to mess with Tupac… LOL


10. My Aunt Dated Jay Z.


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