10 Pics of Unnecessary Plastic Packaging

10 Pics of Unnecessary Plastic Packaging


Many people around the world point out that plastic packaging and plastics in general have a detrimental effect on our planet. It will take at least 100 years for the plastic to decompose in nature. And now imagine how many plastic containers you have used in your life and still use. Therefore, many people prefer stores where you can take the food in your bag without packaging.

In some states, plastic bottles have become reversible, or they are trying to recycle plastic and create useful items such as quality bags, benches, or even clothing. Many activists are trying to fight plastics and its overproduction, but you know that. Demand is simply winning. Taking your food in packaging is easier and faster. However, these people have really overdone it with packaging.

1. Each sausage is packed separately.

© UndocumentedTuesday / reddit

2. This will probably not be the best advertisement.

© YARA5000 / reddit

3. That’s how I got the charging cube. Really?

© Bad Excess Packaging / Twitter

4. Do you know how much it took to pack each apple?

© pagged / reddit

5. As if they couldn’t fill the whole bottle …

© hippityhoppflop / reddit

6. This Coca Cola probably needs a special package …

© Chicken_Man_64 / reddit

7. If someone was lazy to divide an avocado in half

© Unknown / imgur

8. These bananas were probably very naughty when they had to be packaged separately

© thenamenononehas / imgur

9. Bread To Go?

© IamRasters / reddit

10. Yes, these are eggs in a bag.

© ShinigamiDady / reddit

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