When you meet your girlfriend’s mother for the first time, you usually try to flatter her to make you like you. For example, you say, “Oooh, is this your mother? It’s not possible, she must be your sister.” Although in most cases it is a compliment, from time to time mothers who look young also appear. Joleen Diaz, 43, and her daughter Meilani Parks, 19 of Northern California, do have this problem. Many people confuse them because they both look very young and full of energy.

Joleen and her daughter do almost everything together. They like to shop together, exercise but also travel. They prefer to lie on the couch and talk. Joleen started taking care of her skin at an early age, trying to follow a balanced diet and living an active life. She takes care of her skin daily and uses suitable skin rejuvenation products. We didn’t know which of them was the daughter and which was the mother. Can you guess?

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