3. Which Breed is Suitable For Your Sign?

3. Which Breed is Suitable For Your Sign?

Libra (23. 9. – 23. 10.)
Libra is another sign that can appreciate beauty and elegance and, moreover, are intellectually based people of subtle nature. They have been balancing their whole lives trying to find the center. The greyhound breed is suitable for this sign because it is very graceful and balances between slow and fast walking. He is an elegant, quiet companion to help you find a balance.

Scorpio (24. 10. – 22. 11.)
Scorpions and their dog friend like to impress and therefore is appropriate for them breed Pyrenean mountain dog. They have strong will and warm feelings. It is not easy to disturb them, but they do not forget the old injustices. They have a strongly developed intuition, strict judgment and innate psychological talent.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)
They do a lot to do what they believe in and what they enjoy, they need freedom and are honest in every situation. They love companionship and entertainment and that is why the Golden Retriever is a good companion. It goes with you wherever you want and adapts to your needs.

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