5 Best Horror Movies of 2019

5 Best Horror Movies of 2019

1.Doctor Sleep

The film, which also serves as a direct sequel to the film adaptation of The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick, describing the horrific acts that have become at the Overlook Hotel. Now adult Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) is struggling to cope with his horrible hotel experience and find peace of mind and place in society. But everything changes when a young girl named Abra, who has extra-sensory abilities, connects with him. She turns to him, desperate for help, to find a group of offenders who killed a little boy. This reaction will trigger a merciless struggle between good and evil …

2. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 

In an abandoned haunted house at the end of the city, Stella finds a book that catches her eye because she originally belonged to a young girl who kept a terrible secret before she even disappeared without a trace. The ancient book contains ghost stories that seem harmless until it kills the first person. From now on, the teenage bunch realizes that they’ve gotten into a place of unusual evil that they don’t know how to stop. Can they survive and find out the cause of mysterious stories?

3. Ready or Not

Grace marries Alex Le Domas as a handsome and successful young man from a wealthy family who earned her fortune by inventing and selling board games. Grace is excited about the wedding because she gets not only her husband but also a new family. Unfortunately for Grace, this enthusiasm did not share the rest of the Le Domas family. Grace does not pay much attention to it until she begins the traditional family games to become a member of the family. Grace draws an innocent hide-and-seek game. While the unsuspecting Grace tries to hide, the rest of the family and their servants pull out various firearms and stabbing weapons. Fortunately, Grace will soon understand who is beating and will not give up.

4. It: Chapter Two 

The most successful horror film of all time is coming back. The city of Derry returns evil, which slept 27 years. To defeat him, former members must reunite to face the terrible consequences of the past and overcome their greatest fear. Mike, the only member of the band who remained in their hometown, therefore summoning the other members of the club home to close the chapter forever. Can they do it together?

5. The Prodigy

At the same time as the little Miles came into the world, a terrible tragedy happened elsewhere, which, a few years later, would switch in a worrying way. Sarah, a young mother who begins to observe her unpredictable and aggressive behavior, decides to find the root of the problem. To find out what is going on, she must push aside her maternal instinct to love and protect her own child to understand the cause – who or what controls her son. The answer to this question is hidden in her past, which it must denounce …

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