5 Best Romantic Movies of 2019

5 Best Romantic Movies of 2019
  1. Little Women

Little Women is an American drama from the upcoming 2019 written and directed by Greta Gerwig. It is the seventh film adaptation of 1868 novels of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. The story is told by Jo March, who goes back to the past and tells the story of 4 sisters who decide to live according to their own wishes. Will each of them achieve their happiness?

2. Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a story about a young woman named Kate, who doesn’t know what to do with her life. She does not understand her family, she does not know how to find a good guy and she also works at a Christmas shop. One day, but everything changes when a mysterious young man named Tom gets in her way. Although Kate doesn’t want to admit it at first, her personality begins to change rapidly, and her heart finally opens.

3. Can You Keep a Secret?

Every woman has her personal secrets that she doesn’t even tell her best friend. The exception is not Emma, the main character of the story, who travels on a plane with an unknown handsome man who under the influence of alcohol reveals his secret wishes and intimate feelings. Nothing would happen unless they met. The stranger, however, turns out to be the expected Jack Harper, the new top boss at work. She didn’t know that their second meeting could be even more embarrassing … And than staying in one office and one city. But even from an awkward situation one can get out and use their secrets to something bigger and deeper.

4. Isn’t It Romantic

Natalie is a New York architect who is very keen to be noticed by people at work. Therefore, she would like to fulfill her dream and design a new urban skyscraper. Her life was not easy from a young age and therefore it has become a lifelong cynic in terms of love. When a thief tries to rob her in the subway, she hits her head and her life turns into a nightmare – a romantic comedy, and she acts as a star in Natalia.

5. After

The main character, Tessa, is a diligent student, an exemplary daughter, an attentive and faithful friend, a great student of the first semester with great ambitions and plans for the future. But her plans take a different direction when she meets a guy named Scott Harding. A handsome guy who doesn’t have the best reputation but a sexual charism that Tessa can’t resist. Their relationship is like a roller coaster who can’t find the end. Tessa didn’t even hope their strong bond could end up like this.

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