5 Interesting Things About The Film Stranger Things

5 Interesting Things About The Film Stranger Things


1.Before the series was released on Netflix, the filmmakers bypassed fifteen television stations and all rejected them on the grounds that they wanted either a purely children’s show or a series primarily about Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor).

2. After the release of the series in 2016, the demand for Eggo cookies, which are a delicacy from Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), increased. After the release of the second series, the profit of Kellogg’s, which produces biscuits, increased by up to 14%.

3. Nancy Wheeler’s representative, Natalia Dyer, fell in love with the actor, who represented Jonathan Charlie Heaton, and in a few months they were partners.

4. Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) diagnosis is cleidocranial dysplasia and is a disorder involving abnormal bone development in the skull. It is an inherited disease.

5. Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) took part in the audition via video while lying ill in bed.

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