5 Tips on How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus at Work!

5 Tips on How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus at Work!

Coronavirus is a pandemic that has fasted the world. Many events, work centers and schools have already been closed. But only a limited number of people can work from home. So how do you protect yourself from coronavirus at work?

1. Hygiene is essential!

Take a break to wash your hands several times a day. This also applies before eating or coming from outside and home. You should not miss the disinfectant gel and wipes. If you need to sneeze, put a tissue in front of your mouth and discard it immediately after use and do not try to use it several times.

2. Vitamins are needed for immunity!

Koronavirus mainly affects immunocompromised people, so prefer meals with lower energy intake but higher vitamin value. Make a varied fruit salad, treat yourself to fruit juices for snacks and don’t forget to treat yourself to a vegetable salad.

3. Do not shake hands!

This rule applies to employees who come into contact with clients or more people during the working day. Take care of the disinfection of your desk and technical equipment, which is a frequent field for bacteria.

4. Group meetings!

Many companies have regular meetings in one large room. Such meetings are usually beneficial, but not at this time. Instead of having a personal meeting, take advantage of technology and use available meeting apps.

5. Don’t stress!

Try to reduce stress and fear during working hours. Many media exaggerate the current situation and new messages are added every minute. Mainly, think positively because stress does not help in physical or mental way.

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