5 Tips How To Get a Girlfriend

5 Tips How To Get a Girlfriend

You like a girl, but you don’t know how to get it. We hope the following 5 tips will help you in this.

1. Get her attention

Unless the girl knows you and doesn’t even know you from vision. You need to notice yours. The essential step is not to show any interest. Make sure your first meeting is completely random and unplanned. Shuffle it at random, or empty something in front of her to help you. At this point, it’s time to thank her and introduce herself and start the first conversation. Imagination has no borders.

2. Random meeting

You should know her favorite places to take this step. It can be a shopping center, disco or a bar. Anything where you can hope to meet. This phase is crucial because it will be your second meeting. Important is not only the speech, but also you outfit and accessories. When you have the situation, address it again! Invite her, for example, to a drink or coffee for anything you can talk to. She must think you want to reward her. Swap phone numbers and tell her to call back as soon as you have time.

3. Refuse her

The rejection phase is a step you will definitely take. When she thinks she has found a nice and likeable boy, you have to get her out of the mistake slightly. For example, write to her or call and ask her if she will have time on the date. When you agree you have half won. The reversal comes shortly before the encounter, when you simply cancel the meeting and make excuses for a serious circumstance. Keep communicating with her, for example, via skype, sms, or other means. He still can’t forget you. She will feel you owe her something and will therefore expect you to be compensated.

4. Unusual gesture or action

When you set another deadline, do something unique. women love romance and even if they don’t admit it, everyone would like to become Baby of Dirty Dancing. Do not take it to commercial places such as a cinema, theater or restaurant. Make her home dinner, or take her to a picnic or to the water and tell her it’s your favorite place and you want her to know about it. Do not forget that girls love food and do not despise a good glass of wine. Find out more about her and don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. On the other hand, look a bit mysterious and limit your meetings to a certain amount of time.

5. Declaration of love

When you have gone so far that you are in constant contact and your chosen one seems interested, it is time to show her your affection. Lightly touch her hand or brush her hair off her face. Don’t push her, just show her that you’re not just interested in friendship. Let her know she is unique, and at the moment you met her, you knew something attracted her. Do not mention her physical appearance, but rather suggest that her inner beauty is more important than her physical grace. If everything goes well, be sure to give it a soft kiss at first, perhaps on the face. If she leans gently, you have free access to kiss her properly.

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