A Hotel That Inspired Stephen King

A Hotel That Inspired Stephen King


In 1972, Stephen King began working on a short story with the working title Darkshine. The main storyline focused on a little boy in an amusement park who is endowed with extrasensory abilities. The idea of ​​an “shining” boy did not fully develop until two years later, when he and his wife Tabitha stayed at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

When the couple checked into the hotel, they were preparing for the end of the season and no one but them was there. They had dinner in an abandoned dining room and orchestral music echoing through the hallway. For example, he projected an incident from an abandoned hotel bar, where he went in the evening without a woman. The number of the fateful room 217 was also inspired by the actual stay of the couple.

The resulting work, called The Shining, hit the shelves of bookstores in 1977 and immediately became a hit. After a successful film adaptation, the hotel became the target of a ghost hunters, and visitors’ reports of supernatural phenomena have mysteriously increased.

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