A Man From Russia Saw Yeti

A Man From Russia Saw Yeti


The locals from the village of Kulajba are convinced that they have seen the snowman Yeti. The incident took place at night, when local politician Alexandr Šardin rode a motorcycle. After a few minutes, he saw a frightened herd of cows running from something.

Alexander also had a pleasant suspicion, because by this time the herd was usually asleep, when he looked around the area better, he saw the creature with glowing eyes. At first he thought it was a beast or another animal, but when he came closer he saw a monster that was about 2.5 meters high and its fur was silver.

The next day, large tracks were discovered in the area, which were found by a local fisherman, Alexei Kovalenko. The footprints looked like bears, but had different claws and a shape. That’s why many people think that the real Yeti lives around the village. Unfortunately, there is only evidence of clues, but so far no one has been able to catch the Yeti or bring irrefutable evidence of its existence.

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