Abandoned Dog Waited For Its Owner Four years

Abandoned Dog Waited For Its Owner Four years

Social media impressed the story of an abandoned dog who waited for its owners up to four years. The story began in a small Thai village where an elderly woman spotted a dog lying beside the road.

The dog was skinny and nobody seemed to know him, so she decided to take him home. But each time the dog escaped from her home and sat in the same place where she found him. His loyalty to the original owners was so strong that he waited for four years.

The local community named him Leo and to help him spread on the Internet a beautiful story about a dog who is waiting for his original owners. After some time to this post came the family, who claimed that in 2015, lost a similar dog.

When they arrived, the dog, however, surprisingly did not return to them and permanently went to the woman, who cared for him for years.
The story has become a viral on the Internet and has caused contradictory reactions. Many people think that the owners simply got rid of the dog and returned to him only because his story became viral.

 Maybe the dog just wanted to say goodbye to them, but eventually decided to stay with the person who was really concerned about him. Whatever the truth, the most important thing is that the animal finally has found home.

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