After More Than 30 Years She Finally Found Her Son

After More Than 30 Years She Finally Found Her Son

Worldwide, a certain percentage of children are lost worldwide. Sometimes they can’t be found for the rest of their lives and the police are clueless in their search. One case that opened about 30 years ago can be closed today.

Because after more than 30 years, the wanted child was found and finally the mother could meet him. The case began innocently. On October 17, 1988, Mr. Mao took to the streets of Xi’an with his two-year-old son, Ťia Ťia. The child got thirsty and so the man went to the hotel for water. He left the child outside. When he returned shortly after, Ťia Ťia was gone.

After his disappearance, an extensive search began, but ended in failure. His parents could not overcome this event, so they divorced. Mother Li Ťing-č’ continued her search, during which time she traveled several dozen provinces and visited hundreds of cities. Over the years, she also met other parents who lost their children. That’s why they started an organization together to help lost children and other parents.

In 2009, Li teamed up with a police team following in the footsteps of traffickers. There was a suspicion that Jia Jia had become the target of this particular criminal group. Only this year, however, there was a long-awaited reversal in the case. Investigators were given a tip for a family in Sichuan Province that bought a little boy for 6,000 yuan more than 30 years ago.

DNA tests revealed that he was her lost boy. Today, her boy is an adult male with the surname Ku. It is interesting that he learned about this case on television 6 years ago. When they saw a picture of the missing child, he was suspicious that he looked like him when he was a little boy.

The touching moment of the mother’s meeting with her lost son was mediated to the world by the Chinese media. The man later said he was happy and excited. “I will not give up either of my families. I have two mothers. One is my birth mother, who has been looking for me for more than thirty years. The other is my adoptive mother, who has raised me for more than thirty years.”

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