Anna Frank was Reincarnated

Anna Frank was Reincarnated

Anna Frank – Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the concept of a philosophical or religious concept according to which a person’s mind or consciousness is reborn in a new physical body after the physical death of his body. Many people do not believe that reincarnation is possible, they only take it for speculation or sensation that was invented by humans. Is it true or are we wrong?

A well-documented case of reincarnation is also about the well-known Anne Frank, who was overwhelmed by her well-known book, The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was born in 1929 in a Jewish German family. When she was thirteen, her family hid from the Nazis in the back of an office building in Amsterdam. She devoted most of her time to this period in her book. She described not only her feelings, but also the intimate aspects and her family. Two years later, the shelter was found and the whole family deported to a concentration camp. Only Father Otto Frank came back.

Barbro Karlén – was born in 1954 in Sweden, nine years after the death of Anne Frank …

Already at an early age, Barbro remembered certain things from the past that she shared with her parents. But her parents took it lightly and attributed her memories to childhood imagination. It was very strange for Barbro to call them parents “mom and dad” – because she felt they were not her real parents. She felt to be someone else. Years passed and Barbro was still telling her parents about her previous life. She claimed that her real father would certainly pick her up soon. She asked when she could go home. She even remembered that her last name was “Frank”. She was six years old.

 It is important to point out that Anne Frank was not known to either Barbro or her parents, because the diary of the Dutch schoolgirl Frank had not yet been translated into Swedish in the 1960s.

 When Barbro learned to read and write, she was finally caught and transferred her feelings onto paper. Already at an early age she began to write on various topics such as human nature, death, sin, forgiveness, force majeure, reincarnation, Where we come from, Where do we go … Over time, her room was full of poems, stories and philosophical essays.

A family friend was intrigued by her writing and asked her parents if he could show some of her works to the publisher. Her parents agreed and were surprised that her writing might interest someone … So at the age of twelve, her first book, “Man on Earth,” was published. The book helped her to great fame and became very popular with young readers.

 At that time, she learned at school that Anne Frank was a famous person. Barbro felt strange when the teacher talked about a Dutch schoolgirl and her diary. She sensed that she was the one she was talking about. But her story doesn’t stop there. The key moment was her trip to Amsterdam. When the family stayed at the hotel they planned to visit local landmarks. Their first stop was home of Anne Frank. When his father wanted to call a cab to get to the place, Barbro stopped him and said „it is really close to us, we can walk there.“

Mother and father were surprised to know where the house was. After a few minutes Anne Frank really stood outside the house. When Barbro entered the house, she noticed that the stairs were altered, and there were no more posters in her room. When her parents looked at the wall, they noticed that no posters were there. That’s why they asked the guide if there were any posters on the wall. The guide told them they were, but because of the many visits they had to have them framed. Her parents were shocked, how could she know?

Meeting with a cousin from a past life: Bernhard Elias

The Swiss publisher found out who she was supposed to be in her previous life and decided to introduce her to the director of the Anne Frank Foundation. He asked her if she wouldn’t mind meeting a famous actor who read her books in person. He did not tell her that this was the last living relative of Anna, cousin Bernhard Elias, which is also mentioned in the famous diary.

At their personal meeting, however, all doubts immediately went aside. As soon as they saw each other, they fell into each other’s arms, weeping with emotion and talking for hours. Curious journalists stopped him when the new cousin left the meeting place. Bernhard answered their questions that if anyone could have been Anne Frank in a past life, then it’s definitely Barbro Karlene.

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