Celebrities and Their Younger Versions

Celebrities and Their Younger Versions


Photoshop can be used in several ways, but they are most often used by famous celebrities and models to modify the body and imperfections to make photos look better. Sometimes there are those on the Internet who use Photoshop differently. A great example is the gallery of photos of famous celebrities who met their younger version. This idea was invented by the Netherlands Ard Gelinck and you can see his creations below.

  1. Macaulay CulkinHome Alone, Youth and Old Verson

2. Will Smith and Its Younger Version of Fresh Prince

3. Jennifer Aniston and her daughter? No, that’s a younger version …

4. Dwayne Johnson looks exactly the same. Only a few hairs are missing.

5. Matt Leblanc had to break a lot of girls’ hearts.

6. Daniel Radcliffe – Someone grew up here.

7. Tom FeltonWow, he now looks like his father Lucius from the Harry Potter movie.

8. Oh, George Michael will stay in our hearts forever. All the girls loved him.

9. Tom Hanks and its younger memorable version.

10. Brad Pitt – no wonder why he’s so popular …

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