Death was Walking on The Beach!

Death was Walking on The Beach!

Twitter, Daniel Uhlfelder

Imagine you are lying on the beach, trying to relax and a figure in a death costume with a scythe in his hand walks past you. This happened to visitors to Florida beaches who were not surprised by what was happening.

In this way, Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder wanted to draw attention to the need for social separation during a pandemic. According to the statement he provided to local reporters, he considers the opening of the beaches to be irresponsible and premature.

He has long criticized the behavior of the Florida government and several politicians. With a costume of death, he wanted to remind people that the pandemic is still going on, and while people are meeting on the beaches and enjoying themselves, without any worries, there are still pandemics out there.
But a similar case happened in Norwich. Police received reports from several citizens last week that a man was walking around the city, scaring people in a “Plague Doctor” costume.

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