“Demi Lovato” I Suffered From Mental Health Problems

“Demi Lovato” I Suffered From Mental Health Problems

Demi Lovato (27) released a new single called I Love Me on Friday.
In the show with Ellen DeGeneres, she talked not only about new music, but also about the psychological problems that plagued her in 2018. For the first time, she also revealed why she overdosed and who helped her in the most difficult moments.

Demi suffered from bulimia, which apparently got out of control. “I begged for help, but they didn’t give it to me. Suddenly I thought about being clean for six years, but I still feel terrible, so why be clean, right? ”She described the moments before she got back to drugs.

Her mental condition was so bad that she resorted not only to drugs, but also to drinking alcohol at various parties. One evening she was so vengeful that she ended up in the hospital.
Before returning to the scene, Demi announced that she had changed not only the manager but the entire team. Her new manager is Scooter Braun, who also represents Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Lovato changed management because the previous team was said to have manipulated her too much. “For the past six years, I have not even thought I lived my own life. So many people controlled me. One day they took my phone from the hotel room so I couldn’t order room service. When they brought me fruit, they took it because it was extra sugar, ”she described the practices of the former management.

“I haven’t even had birthday cakes in those years. I only got a melon cake, where you cut your watermelon into the shape of a cake and then you put fat-free whipped cream on top.

This year it was different. My new manager gave me the best cake for my birthday,she described and added advice for those who also suffer from eating disorders. “If you go through something like that, believe that you can do it, you have it!”

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