Dr. Ellis Silver Claims We’re From Another Planet

Dr. Ellis Silver Claims We’re From Another Planet

Dr. Ellis Silver, author of many scientific publications, believes we are guests on our own planet. According to him, there are 17 facts that prove that we are from elsewhere. According to our physiology and body structure, we originally lived on a planet with lower gravity, hurt us by sunlight, we are susceptible to chronic illnesses and pandemics, women have birth problems, and our internal clock is set to 25 hours.

This is supposed to be the evidence that flows from our DNA and is not entirely suited to living on planet Earth. It is interesting that even after several developmental stages we are not completely assimilated like other animals. For example, such a lizard can heat in the sun for several hours and do not burn.

Another typical example is childbirth. It was once quite normal for a woman to die in childbirth. The reason is too big heads to go through the birth canal without any problems. We do not find an individual who is completely healthy among people. Each of us suffers from an anomaly or a chronic disease that later manifests itself and paradoxically we die of it or make it difficult for us to live.

What of all these facts dr. Silver Derives? According to him, the human race in the past was crossed with another species, probably from Alpha Centauri or other nearby stars. Maybe we were left here for punishment, or we are part of a scientific experiment. We do not know much about our origin, but it is a matter of time when and how we get much more information …

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