Evolution Makes Us Dumber But Why ?

Evolution Makes Us Dumber But Why ?

Evolution has its significance and is able to surprise by its development. Scientists have found that the genes responsible for learning are in decline for the last 80 years. Despite this fact, we are not stupid.

Scientists embarked on a sample of 100,000 Icelanders. And the results are interesting. It has been found that the most educated and smartest people usually have very few large families and thus contribute less to the human gene pool.

Although many people do not have this gift, it does not mean that they are stupid. Thanks to education and other social factors, people are able to obtain education and information despite their lack of genetic predisposition. That’s why people can be smart even if they don’t have it in their genes.

Scientists from Iceland admit that to more general conclusions they lack further evidence of date and longer time than 80 years. However, if the scientists’ conclusions were correct, it would mean that this gene was disappearing with gradual evolution and could not be maintained at the same level.

The way out of this situation, if we do not want to rely solely on ever-improving education systems, is quite simple. The smartest of us should have as many children as possible so that their unique genes can spread.

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