Extraterrestrial Samples From Space Must Be Stored Correctly

Extraterrestrial Samples From Space Must Be Stored Correctly


What if we discover samples of extraterrestrial life, or elements of unknown origin, where do we store them? We must be prepared for this question, from the point of view of human safety and samples.

Mankind had already brought some samples when Apollo 11 returned. At that time, the module ended with a crew in the Pacific. All samples were transported to a military ship, where President Nixon was present. The astronauts had to spend 21 days in quarantine in the event of an unknown infection.

Therefore, a project called EURO – CARES was created, the task of which is to build and operate a facility where it will be possible to store these samples from space. They should also be prepared for samples of living origin that could endanger our ecosystem.

This facility is being prepared mainly for the mission to Mars, which will take place over several years. Thanks to this invention, we can learn more about the red planet and possibly the extraterrestrial forms that can be found there.

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