How Does Other Nations Celebrate Easter?

How Does Other Nations Celebrate Easter?

Easter is holidays, peace and tranquility. Usually associated with Christianity and other traditions that are different in countries. How do other nations celebrate these holidays?

England and America
These holidays are in addition to Christian holidays also dedicated to children.
Therefore, often celebrations for children and acquaintances are organized to find hidden eggs together. In addition, in the United States, holidays are directly linked to religion, and so a few days before the celebrations, families meet and go to church together.

All shops are closed on Good Friday and the holiday is celebrated similarly as in the USA. Children are looking for eggs in the garden where they are hidden by family members.


The Russians celebrate the Orthodox Easter, carry the eggs to the church, where they have them blessed and then consume them at a festive Easter lunch.

Traditional “Italian” painted eggs are always blessed by a priest. The housekeeper then places them in the middle of the holiday table at lunch.

Easter is one of the greatest holidays of the year in Greece. The Greeks have been preparing for spring holidays for a long time and are looking forward to a relatively long fast. Throughout the week, masses are held every night until midnight. In the family circle is then held a big celebration and egg battle, which consists in breaking the egg for its adversary.

On the eve of Easter Monday, children make straw nests, which parents hide secretly in the house or outdoors. At night, a bunny comes and puts in those nests the eggs that children are looking for. There are parades, festivities and eggs are also given to boys by girls.

From Green Thursday to White Saturday in French churches the bells. As in the Czech Republic, it is said that the bells flew to Rome. They bring back sweets for children that fall from the sky. The task of children is to find and collect these sweets.

This Nordic country is almost obsessed with Easter in addition to little whip, egg painting and skiing, empires and detective cases. Almost everyone can participate in the solution and you won’t miss a reward when the case is resolved.

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