How to Survive a Marital or Partner Crisis During Quarantine?

How to Survive a Marital or Partner Crisis During Quarantine?

Quarantine has already been declared in several states. Free movement is at your own risk and therefore all experts advise that families stay mainly at home. But what to do if you’re overcoming the crisis, or you’re not used to spending so much time with your partner?

1. Cook together

Nothing more can connect people like good food. Divide your cooking responsibilities and try to do a few courses and finally take a break from fast eating because you are in a hurry.

2. Try to communicate

Try to make any activity more enjoyable by talking about things you didn’t have time to tell your partner. Try to remember the positive moments and do not think bad.

3. Do the activities together

So that you don’t have to sit just by teelvision, you have other activities where you can have fun. Take time for a board game, favorite book, or focus on educational purposes.

4. Don’t argue

In case you do not agree with your partner, avoid any quarrels. Stress or remorse will not help you in this situation. Try to pull one rope and if this situation does not connect you, try to respect each other.

5. Don’t believe everything

The Karate should not be a period of panic. It serves mainly for your own good and everyone else. Try to avoid all hoaxes and try to collect only the most interesting information and disease. Spend only a few minutes a day on this sphere. When you read only non-informative information it will only cause you hopelessness and stress. Take advantage of the quarantine to relax and do not forget to make it pleasant with nice music, partner massage or a bath full of bubbles. This is the right time to relax your body and mind from the world.

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