Michael Burry Predicted the Collapse of The Economy Before The Outbreak of Coronavirus

Michael Burry Predicted the Collapse of The Economy Before The Outbreak of Coronavirus

World stock exchanges have been unstable in the last days, there is a risk of loss and every national bank is trying to prevent absolute collapse. One person had warned us about this situation last year.

It’s Michael Burry, who lovers of Bet on Uncertainty can remember as an eccentric investor who predicted that the US mortgage market is a foreboding. This was already predicted in 2005. Burry tried to warn everyone about the crash, but nobody listened to it at that time because the economy was reaching historical highs. In the ensuing stock market collapse, he made several billion to himself and his clients.

Since then, Burry’s statements have been taken lightly. Today it recommends people to invest their money in land and water. Do the basic resources that are necessary for life. And we think he wasn’t far from the truth. Already last year, one of his warnings that the next big bubble is forming, the bursting of which could trigger a similar crisis as in 2008, has flown through the media. stock titles.

They were supposed to inflate stock and bond prices in a manner similar to hedged debt obligations in the first half of the 21st century with their passive index-based trading.

He thinks that, like most bubbles, this must have fallen over time. Burry did not predict that there would be a virus that would attack the whole world. But it merely asserts that it is an inevitable trigger for the overall situation that would come without it. It is no wonder that Michael Burry has recently come back into the media viewfinder, which is increasingly interested in what it says about the current market slump.

At the moment he has no finger on any “button” because he does not know how long this situation will last, so keep your eyes open and remember the hard earned money ….

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