Princess Diana Had 5 Doppelgangers in New Zealand

Princess Diana Had 5 Doppelgangers in New Zealand

In 1981, a few months before his wedding to Diana Spencer, Prince Charles visited New Zealand’s capital Wellington. British journalists found five young women who looked like a future princess. These ladies then met Prince Charles and gave him a rose. In return for this kind gesture and unconventional welcome with her, he gave me a few flattering words. Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself which one most closely resembles Princess Diana.

The journalists put a magazine with a photo of Princess Diana in the hands of the girls so that people could compare which one was most similar to Princess Diana.

From left, Karen Dumble, Margo McAldon, Gina Kremer, Joanne Dean and Belinda Wood.

And here they pass the roses to Prince Charles. Which one do you think looks like Princess Diana?

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