Psychological Problems of Celebrities: Princess Diana

Psychological Problems of Celebrities: Princess Diana

Fashion icon, advocate of weak and poor people and darling around the world. Even so, you can describe a famous person – Princess Diana.
But she also had the other face of a woman who was skillfully manipulating the media and suffering psychological problems before marriage to Prince Charles.

Diana could be cute, but her teacher, at the age of six, wrote on her report card: “I’ve never met a girl who would be a more intriguing woman!” The Spencer family has always been problematic. As a family, they enjoy themselves in dramas. It’s in their genes. They are not like the others, they are not equal, ”the queen’s biographers quote a girlfriend familiar with her family.

The queen was not interested in the rumors of the Spencer family at that time, and in 1980 she invited her to a royal castle in Baltimore, Scotland.
The reasons were simple, handsome, virgin and aristocratic. She thought Diana and Charles would look like a very handsome couple.

Though their love seemed idyllic, everything was not like a fairy tale. Charles fell in love with Camilla before Diana. This is evidenced by secret meetings and gifts he kept for her. During the marriage, Diana realized that her bubble of beautiful marriage had disappeared. She could not accept separation from friends, one-sided love and insensitive members of the royal family who did not understand her.

Her only passion was fashion, charity and later children. Only here did she feel like a real princess. It is no wonder, therefore, that she began to sink into depression, self-harm and bulimia. Her biographers now believe that Diana was the victim of a borderline personality disorder. The reason for her mental disorders was the unrequited love of Charles. Love, but you don’t rule and it doesn’t matter if you have blue blood or not.

Although her mental state was not balanced despite her suffering, she was able to help people in need and suffer from a little-known AIDS. Though she wasn’t smart as she thought of herself, her charisma was so strong that even today she was one of the most prominent members of the royal family.

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