“Take a Selfie” and Send It To Us The Government Said

“Take a Selfie” and Send It To Us The Government Said

Where the threat of punishment is not enough, it has to be done differently. In the Indian state of Karnataka, they introduced compulsory self-acquisition. And why? To check if people are quarantine. And how does it work?

All socially isolated citizens must take selfie every hour from 7am to 10am. The photo must be sent through a special application by a government team to evaluate the authenticity of the images along with the location coordinates obtained. Those who violate the new regulation are in danger of moving from home isolation to a state-run quarantine center.

The new measure was issued by the Minister of Health of Karnataka K. Sudhakar. On social networks, a wave of criticism has already risen against him. Journalist Mitali Saran writes on her Twitter: “Another paternalistic bull… that invades privacy. What if the government would rather do their work and ensure that people would not go out?”

There were also people who would like to circumvent the quarantine in such a way that they take all the photos at once and send them out in the lesson. It is questionable whether the government will have time to examine the photos when they were taken and sent. As of April 1, a total of 1,397 coronaviruses were infected in India. The disease succumbed to 35 people.

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