The Italians Invented a Revolutionary Idea. Have You Heard of Pasta Straws?

The Italians Invented a Revolutionary Idea. Have You Heard of Pasta Straws?

Plastic straws are one of the products we can do without in everyday life (except for example injuries or postoperative conditions). But many people are constantly missing while drinking alcohol or drinking coffee.

Many companies have already come up with other alternatives to keep the planet from being overwhelmed with unnecessary plastic. With a new and modern idea came the market called Stroodles.
Its founder Maxim Gelmann hopes that the product will force more people to think about their consumption.

The whole revolution lies in pasta straws, which are only suitable for cold drinks, where they last only an hour. It is not too long but on the other hand they are easily degradable and do not burden the planet. On the other hand, consumption does not limit you. Coffee lovers also enjoy the novelty, who use a straw to quickly shake coffee and even small children playing with straw in hot chocolate because they change their shape due to heat.

The company wants to approach people who are not very interested in ecology and show them how easy it is to make a change. The problem, however, is not only in straws but also in other plastic things, such as plastic bottles, bags and other products that are difficult to decompose in nature. The responses on the Internet are diverse, and some users wonder, for example, about how a drink that is made with pasta can taste. But others appreciate the idea and effort to find an ecological solution.

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