The Most Beautiful Villas: 2. Villa Tugendhat: Functionalist Pearl

The Most Beautiful Villas: 2. Villa Tugendhat: Functionalist Pearl

Another well-known villa from the Functionalist period is Vila Tugendhat. You can find it in the Czech Republic, in the second largest city called Brno. It is close to the city center and offers stunning views. From the front, the building only acts as a garage, but at the entrance you will be enchanted by an impressive space with generous spaces.

The architect of this building was the well-known German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was ordered by Jewish spouses Greta and Fritz Tugendhat. Their condition was that the villa had clean, stylish and modern elements with light access and without any pompousness.

 Throughout the house you will not find a single gilded stucco, cut parquet or heavy curtain. All of this belongs to Art Nouveau villas – one of which stands nearby. It is owned by Greta’s father, the influential industrialist Löw-Beer. It was he who gave his daughter land with a view of the center.

 In 1928 the architect came to see the terrain and within 14 months the villa was built. It is interesting that the couple gave the architect an unlimited budget. Therefore, the villa contains precious elements such as the onyx wall of the Atlas Mountains, a circular wall of macasar wood and along the length of the space stretch huge windows that can be lowered into the floor.

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