What is Coronavirus COVID-19?

What is Coronavirus COVID-19?

A new type of coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 first appeared in China last December. The virus has been reportedly transmitted to humans from wild animals, and the Wuchan marketplace is referred to as a source of infection, where wild animals are sold in addition to seafood.

It was still not verified how they didn’t infect the first people. To understand the true source of the disease, scientists would have to find a so-called “patient zero”.However, DNA analysis suggests that the source may have been bats or pangs – who are hunted in countries like China not only for meat but also for their scales used to ‘treat’ diseases.

Since the beginning of December, when the first cases in China appeared, the disease has spread abroad. Since mid-February, the disease has spread to all continents except Antarctica. In total, over 110,000 people are infected. While in China the tendency of the infected is declining, on other continents the virus spreads at enormous speed.

How do I know I’m infected?

The disease mainly affects the mucosa of the respiratory tract. Therefore, it is typical for this disease – dry cough and high temperature. For each individual, the course and duration of the disease is different. The incubation period, which should be between two and fourteen days, is also different. There were also cases where the disease appeared after 27 days.

Only 5% of people had serious health problems, of which only 2% unfortunately lost their lives. The disease mainly affected older people who had a healthy cancer or other chronic illness. Pregnant mothers or young children should not be in danger to life.

How is the virus transmitted and how to protect yourself from the virus?

The virus transmits very quickly. In many cases, most often droplets or air, such as coughing or sneezing. To keep the disease from spreading, try to keep everything basic hygiene rules.

This means avoiding those who are obviously ill; use disinfection and soap, do not stay in places with a higher number of people and take care of your health.

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