What Species will Rule The Earth When People Die?

What Species will Rule The Earth When People Die?

A planet without people? So far, this is a distant future, but there are growing voices that the human population will decrease. At the moment, it is due to the disease called Koronavirus (COVID-19), which has hit the whole world. But the question is what kind of animal comes after us. This question was asked by scientists who came up with an interesting fact. However, to make it easier to search for an individual, scientists have discarded, for example, plants that are necessary for life, or various bacteria and microbes that have always been here.

Therefore, scientists have focused on mammals, which have a large representation in the animal kingdom. However, research suggests that large mammals such as beasts are unlikely to develop a higher form of intelligence. For example, if you think primates are going to represent us, you’re wrong. Because if a disease or virus destroys us, it is likely that primates will be affected.

Although it is true that dominance is not just intelligence. There are other aspects that must be considered. For example, dinosaurs have ruled the world for millions of years, with mammals at a low point in the yarrow.
Therefore, scientists have focused on a species that can survive even drastic conditions, cooperate and on the planet for many years has kept its position. This species should be ants.

They are, according to many experts, the greatest aspirants to survive a potential disaster or global climate change and pandemic diseases. Ants will surely survive us because they are able to survive in any environment except water. But in order to dominate the Earth, one crucial thing would have to happen – they would have to enlarge. This is very unlikely because insects simply have their physical limits. Yet if the worst occurs and the human race is extinct, ants have the greatest potential.

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