Who “Controls The World” and is Responsible For Coronavirus?

Who “Controls The World” and is Responsible For Coronavirus?

In general, we know that the world is dominated by a certain group of people who decide how the world will evolve. They have unlimited possibilities and are behind all wars, diseases, revolution and enslavement of humanity. This group is known as Iluminates.

The founder of this group is Adam Weishaupt, a German thinker from the 18th century, born in 1748 in Ingolstadt.
He graduated from the Faculty of Law and after his graduation he became a professor and became interested in new ideas and instructions leading to better management of the state. He was convinced that European states were not being run very well and therefore created an illumination system.

The aim was to free oneself from religion and manage the country to the general well-being of the people. For the first time, the members of the new Illuminati Order met on the night of May 1, 1776. If you wanted to join this group, you had to have a solid family background, good reputation and wealth. All members of the order had to agree to his admission to the group

These included the outstanding German poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang Goethe. By the end of 1784, the Illuminati Order had up to 3,000 members and continued to grow. Its importance and influence grew as well. Therefore, many people became interested in this order. The former member of the order, Joseph Utzschneider, also pointed out this. He reportedly wrote a letter to the Bavarian Duchess, who after some time banned the order and in case of disobedience was punished by death.

Weishaupt was fired from university and spent the rest of his life in Saxony, where he earned his living as a teacher of philosophy. Although many people think that order no longer exists, but many claim the opposite. He was to be behind the murder of President John F. Kennedy or the Second World War. Many people argue that the order works to this day and seeks the rebirth of the world. Can the order have anything to do with coronavirus? Or is it just a conspiracy theory?

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