Why do People Like Meditation and What are The Beneficial Effects?

Why do People Like Meditation and What are The Beneficial Effects?

In today’s hectic times, one should also find time to relax. from time to time it is good to turn off the brain completely and do more positive things. life is not only about stress and worries, but also of joy and relaxation.

Meditation is one of the best relaxation methods. This is evidenced by researches conducted by scientists at the American University of Boston (Harvard Medical School). Buddhist monk Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche participated in this research.

Rinpoche (41) has been practicing meditation for almost all of his life. Researchers were therefore interested in whether long-term meditation can affect the human brain. The subject was followed for 14 years and the brain’s magnetic resonance was performed continuously.

In order to evaluate the results correctly, a further 105 volunteers participated in the project, who also underwent MRI. The results were evaluated by an artificial intelligence called Brain Age Gap Estimation (BrainAge), which can 95% accurately estimate the age of a person based on his or her brain condition.

The results were surprising because the computer assessed that the brain of the Tibetan monk was 8 years younger than his real age. Other subjects have been shown to have been age-matched or even older. According to scientists, this is sufficient evidence that if you practice meditation your brain will not only be younger, but also more powerful and more rested.

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