You Do not Have a Talent for Math, But Do You Want to Become a Programmer?

You Do not Have a Talent for Math, But Do You Want to Become a Programmer?

Yes it is possible …

An experiment by scientists at Washington University has shown that mathematical aptitude is not important for learning programming, but the ability to learn new languages. This is the conclusion of recent research by American experts who closely monitored the brain activity of several dozen volunteers who learned the Python programming language. And why Python?

The choice was unambiguous because its structure resembles English.
The research was carried out by native English speakers aged 18 to 35 who had never learned to program before. In order for scientists to evaluate the results, graduates had to take a series of online tests and quizzes. Tests have shown that learning languages ​​is more important than mathematics.

Today, when people learn a programming language like Python, it’s like learning another language. Math is part of every programming language, but it is not so important to understanding the code. Mathematics serves as a complement rather than a science on which programming is based. So put off your math textbooks and if you want to become a programmer and learn a new language in the online world. With each new language, learning is easier and the user understands the principles faster. Don’t worry, even if math is not your cup of tea, you can still become a successful programmer.

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