You Won’t Use This Toilet Paper in The Bathroom

You Won’t Use This Toilet Paper in The Bathroom

The current situation brings with it a great deal of stress, to which everyone reacts differently. Some buy household supplies, some help actively fight coronavirus, and some simply try to let off steam through other activities. 41-year-old Kate Pritchett from Sydney, for example, cooks and bakes. It was her last work that became a viral.

It is an item that is inaccessible in many countries – toilet paper. The author wanted to draw attention to the fact that even plain toilet paper can affect the most vulnerable people and can have fatal consequences for people’s psyche. The author was also curious to see if it was possible to create a similar texture to that of toilet paper.

She received many positive responses from people on Facebook. She received not only support but also beautiful responses from people who also tried a toilet paper cake. Kate thinks many people have started to devote more time to cooking and baking. On the one hand, it soothes them and gives control over something they can influence when the rest of the world is completely out of control.

In her next project she would like to create a tree-shaped cake – Ginkgo Biloba. Join yourself and try to make a homemade cake or a homemade dinner and get rid of stress.

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